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Bear Talks

Bear Talk's

Suitable for groups of 10-30
Duration: Approximately 20 to 25 minutes

Our Bear Talk's incorporate the polar bears we house at the habitat, and the environment they are given. Guests will learn about the characteristics of polar bears, as well as the physical changes they go through as they grow from cubs to adults. We are able to explain their change in diet and behavior as the seasons change. We discuss the physiology of the bears, and the adaptations they have evolved to work in the arctic. This gives guests a chance to handle skulls, claws and real polar bear fur! We include brown and black bear physiology, so guests are able to compare and understand why polar bears are the largest species of bear in the world! Our Bear Talks include a variety of food samples, enrichment items, and multiple tools to help guests understand the life of a polar bear. Please contact Education Coordinator for more information.


Education Programs

Polar Bear Enrichment Program

The Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat offers a Polar Bear Enrichment Program to students from elementry to post-secondary and all across Canada! The program allows students to create their own enrichment, and witness the reaction from the bears via videos, pitures and live feed video calls. The program runs for one week, and consists of video conference calls with Polar Bear Keepers to explain our purpose and to answer any questions the students have about our bears. For more information please contact the Education Coordinator at the Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat.

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