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The Bear Basics
Suitable for grades 1 to 4
Duration: Approximately 20 to 25 minutes

Have you ever wondered why polar bears look and act the way they do? Well, our Bear Basics program discusses everything students need to know about the magnificent polar bear. Students will learn about the characteristics of polar bears as well as the physical changes polar bears go through as they grow from cubs to adults. Students will learn about the polar bear’s Arctic habitat and the adaptations these majestic animals have made to live in this habitat.

The Bear Essentials
Suitable for grades 5 to 8
Duration: Approximately 30 minutes

The Bear Essentials program will give students a glimpse into the overall life of polar bears as they learn about hibernation, adaptations and the Arctic food chain. Students will learn about the polar bear’s Arctic habitat and how weather and global warming is affecting its home. Students will also get hands-on as they explore a polar bear skull, tooth, claws and fur.

An additional activity using the Science North kiosks can be done if time permits. This activity is an extra 20 to 25 minutes. Please contact Education Coordinator for more information.

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