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Are you looking for a unique perspective during your next visit to The Habitat? Check out the additional experiences we offer below. 

As always, we cannot guarantee the behaviour of the bears during these sessions, but can guarantee you a safe, immersive and once in a lifetime experience.

Please note: all experiences must be booked at least 48hrs in advance. Daily admission is included in the price of each additional experience.

For more information or to book your experience, please email

Photography Tour

Get a birds eye view of the bears from a private walkway above our Arctic Enclosure. 

Photography enthusiasts can enjoy a unique view of the bears without windows or fencing obscuring their lenses. 

Note: access to the walkway is by climbing a ladder, please take this into consideration when booking this experience.

Availability: June - January

Duration: maximum 30 minutes.

Age requirements: 12 years and older

Cost: $50 (+tax) per person, up to 4 people


Bear Holding Tour

Spend one-on-one time with the animal care staff while getting a behind the scenes look into our bear holding building. 

This experience allows you to see where the bears sleep, where their food is prepared and gives you plenty of time to ask any questions you may have.

Availability: year round

Duration: maximum 1 hour

Age requirements: all ages

Cost: $100 (+ tax) per person, up to 4 people

Guided Tour

Join the animal care staff on a guided tour of The Habitat. Meeting at the Welcome Centre, this small group session will give guests a greater understanding of our history, the bears and the work we do here. With access to the private walkway above the viewers building as well, you will get a birds eye view of the bears and the Arctic enclosure. Questions are always encouraged during this unique learning experience. 

Availability: Year round

Duration: maximum 1 hour

Age requirement: All ages but must be 12 years or older to access the walkway

Cost: $85 (+tax) per person, up to 6 people. $35 for those under 12 years.


Crate Training

Witness the bears up close as they voluntarily take part in a session held within the training crate in the bear holding building.

This experience allows you to witness some of the more complex behavioural and health training carried out with the bears. Each session is different but will always leave you in awe of their intelligence and size!

Availability: June - February

Duration: maximum 45 minutes

Age Requirements: 12 years and older

Cost: $150 (+tax) per person, up to 4 people  

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