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Cochrane Classic Vintage Riders Snowmobile  Museum

How it Began

The CCVR museum was established during the winter of 2004/05, at which time, The Cochrane Classic Vintage Riders Club was also established. Originally situated in the Heritage Village, the collection quickly grew, so the Club submitted a proposal to The Town of Cochrane for a larger space. In the spring of 2016, the construction began and by November of 2016, the new Museum was ready to welcome visitors. We presently have just over 100 snowmobiles, representing many brands of days gone by, starting with the oldest being a 1960 Bombardier Ski Doo and the newest a 2018 Race Polaris. 

Cochrane Vintage Riders Logo
The Collection

The Cochrane Classic Vintage Riders Snowmobile Museum is a tribute to the recreational Snowmobile. Our museum depicts the evolution of the snowmobile by showcasing as many brands as possible. The snowmobile is one of the vehicles that has evolved the fastest of any motorized vehicles. Cochrane‘s Belisle Trac Sales had the very first Bombardier Ski Doo snowmobile dealership for the whole province of Ontario in 1959 which started the craze of recreational possibilities. Families could go to their cabins, cottages, winter ice fishing trips to distant lakes were now a possibility, enjoying weekend winter outings. So we like to say, that recreational snowmobiling started right here in Cochrane. 

Cochrane's History

Through the years, Cochrane has hosted 15 different dealerships, some lasting longer than others. In the late 60’s and early 70’s, there was approximately 200 known brands of snowmobiles; every manufacturer wanted in on the fast paced and growing market. Companies varied from farm implement manufacturers to appliance manufacturers, all trying to get a piece of the fast growing market. By 1974 the snowmobile market started to crash, with many brands disappearing almost instantly. Today, in 2022, Cochrane still hosts two dealerships selling three of the four major snowmobile brands. 

Albert and Louise Boisvert in Cochrane

Albert and Louise Boisvert in Cochrane

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