Who we are and what we do

The Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat is the largest, and only, facility in the world dedicated purely to the care of polar bears. 

Located just 250km south of the most southern point of the polar bears natural range, we offer a home for polar bears that is as close to the wild as the human care setting will allow. They have the freedom to explore over 24 acres of enclosures that feature subarctic, boreal forest, a spring fed lake and large array of man-made enrichment activities. Our bears determine when and where they explore, swim, play, eat, and sleep.


We do not have set feeding times for the bears, but they do enjoy multiple daily interactions with our animal care staff team, most of which can be viewed by visitors. All interactions with the bears are random and based off the bears needs, ensuring that they do not become bored of a set routine. 

As a CAZA accredited facility, we strive to provide the highest standard of care for our bears, while doing our part in the conservation of their species. We offer daily educational presentations where visitors can learn about the polar bear species, as well as the work being carried out at the Habitat. The Viewers Building, which offers an underwater view of the Arctic enclosure pool, features a variety of educational displays, suitable for all ages. 

In addition to educating the public, The Habitat regularly hosts conservation organizations and researchers who are looking to learn more about polar bears. Please check out the conservation page for more information.​

We hope you will be able to visit our facility and see the bears in person, as well as exhibits that showcase the lives of our bears and bears in the wild. This is an experience not to be missed!

Our Website

Our website is home to all things about the Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat. 

Check out all our pages to learn more about our polar bears, staff and facility as well as our conservation projects, educational activities, blogs from the team and camping at the habitat.

We have something for everyone to check out. Make sure to check out our watch live page to watch the bears from one of our various live cameras. 


To make a significant contribution to the sustainability of polar bears, using exceptional care standards, engagement through education and targeted conservation efforts