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Please consider making a donation to help support the care of Ganuk, Henry and Inukshuk.  

The Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat is a department of the Town of Cochrane, which is a registered municipality qualified to receive donations. 

All donations will receive a email receipt at the time of processing. Official donation receipts are distributed by mail from The Town of Cochrane on an annual basis.

As a non-profit organization, we rely heavily on the generosity of our supporters. All donations go directly to funding the Cochrane Polar Bear Habitat and the vital work we carry out. 

You can select from two options, one-time donation or monthly donation. Select one of the pre-set amounts or select a custom amount of your choosing. 

Donations of any size are greatly appreciated.


If you would prefer to send a cheque, please address it to:

Town of Cochrane/Polar Bear Habitat

1 Drury Park road

Cochrane, ON, P0L1C0

Corporate Sponsorship: 

If you are interested in corporate sponsorship options, please reach out to

Become a Monthly Bear Carer

For a minimum donation of $25 per month, you can become a Bear Carer!

Choose between becoming Henry's Hero, Ganuk's Guardian or Inukshuk's Idol. In recognition of your generosity, you will receive a donation certificate and photo of your chosen bear.

Step 1: select 'monthly' tab - it will turn blue.

Step 2: choose the amount you wish donate.

Step 3: click the 'write us a comment' box to designate which bear you wish to sponsor.

Step 4: proceed to payment options, then you're done!