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Watch the Bears

These live cameras allow the animal care team to remotely monitor the bears, without influencing their behaviour.

The information gained from these cameras supports the continuous behavioural research carried out at The Habitat. 


The best times to watch are during the day from 8:00am-4:00pm.

If you cannot see the bears, they may be spending time indoors or are simply out of view, exploring the 24 acres of space available to them. 


Size: 1.5 acres

Features: access to the Davis Lake Enclosure, year-round pool, raised viewing platform for staff and special guests.

Tip: to get a closer look, click the small square at the bottom right hand corner of each screen to expand it into full screen.


Size: 0.5 acres

Features: small pool for easy swimming, wide open views of their surroundings, large viewing windows for guests.

Fun fact: this enclosure is always used when we introduce new bears to one another, as it allows ample visual access for behavioural and safety monitoring

Did you know that each enclosure is named after a sub-population of polar bears? There are 19 different sub-populations with 13 of them found in Canada! Approximately 16,000 polar bears live within these 13 populations, making Canada home to 60% of the world's population.


Size: 0.5 acres

Features: access to the Davis Lake Enclosure, pool with built in stairs for older bears, private forested area.

Fun fact: This enclosure still features dens that were dug by 2 females bears in our care when we first opened, 18 years ago! 


Size: 21 acres

Features: 10 acre lake which freezes solid in the winter, multiple wild animal species, only access point to the East Greenland enclosure.

Fun fact: This enclosure is the largest in the world for polar bears, and the only one which provides a solid ice platform for bears in human care!

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